Know Your Worth

Hey World, I am here today with a Word Crush Wednesday post. I know it has been eons since I have done one of these. I came across these words reading Nayirrah Waheed’s second book of poetry titled, Nejma. This book is similar in style to Salt for obvious reasons but also has its own unique … More Know Your Worth

Worry, The Thief

Hey World, It is Wednesday again and I have a really good one for today. I am sure some of you have heard the phrase, “worry is the thief of joy” before, if not that is actually a great mantra as well. I stole this advice from a friend’s Instagram story the other day. I knew … More Worry, The Thief

A Poem

if someone does not want me it is not the end of the world. but if i do not want me. the world is nothing but endings. -Nayyirah Waheed You can purchase her books of poetry on Amazon here. Sorry for the late post, I was running around San Fransisco today. In honor of International … More A Poem